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Coldwood Interactive

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Unravel is an upcoming puzzle platformer for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game features a lone character made of yarn. Throughout the game, the player is guided by the character's grandmother, who communicates with the player through letters. The player must use the yarn to solve puzzles in order to advance through the game. Unravel is a game in which you play as a character made out of yarn. You need to solve puzzles and help the character solve puzzles. The game is beautiful, and is made in a way that it is perfect for all ages.


The player controls the character and can unravel and lay down their yarn to create bridges and ledges. This is the crux of the gameplay, and it is used extensively to solve puzzles and advance to the next stage. An underlying story is told through the letters the player collects and the player bears witness to the events of the story through their interactions with other characters and objects in the world. The player is only able to explore the immediate area around them, and the game features no combat or other obstacles. The gameplay in Unravel is excellent. The puzzles are well done and are all different, which makes them feel like they are never repeating themselves. The game also has an interesting story, which is told by the developer. There are also some challenges, which are not too hard but can be hard depending on the puzzle.


The graphics in Unravel are beautiful. The character, who is made out of yarn, has a lot of detail to them. The environment in the game is also well done, and it is nice to look at for hours. The graphics of the game are simplistic, but they are not too bad. The game uses a cel-shaded style to represent the 3D environment, and the character is represented as a simple sprite. Some of the graphics, however, are too bad. The character's eyes and mouth are not animated, and their expression does not change throughout the game.

Information about replayability

There is not much replayability in Unravel because the game does not have much replayability, but it is still a great game.


  • The game is very well done
  • The puzzles are challenging, but not too much
  • The graphics are beautiful
  • There are no glitches in the game
  • The game has a great story
  • The game is family friendly
  • The game has a lot of replayability


  • There are not many puzzles to solve
  • The game is not very long
  • The puzzles are too hard sometimes
  • The game is not that exciting


Unravel is a 3D puzzle platforming game by Swedish developer Coldwood Interactive. The player takes control of a character made of yarn, who is trying to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles to progress through the levels. The game was originally released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 9, 2016.


4.5 / 5

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Author: Coldwood Interactive

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