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Till the dawn, waiting Review

Till the dawn, waiting is an app created by underDOGS Gaming Private Limited. Till the dawn, waiting was first published on . It is available on Steam, Other.

"This one could be a tear-jerker and a heart string-puller" - DESCTRUCTOID
"Till The Dawn, Waiting Explores A Pet’s Unflinching Loyalty" - SILICONERA
"The videogame about an abandoned puppy comes with a black hole of depression" - ALIENWARE
"Think like a pet does in underDOGS' new game Till the dawn, waiting" - ANIMATIONXPRESS
"Till the Dawn, Waiting is a game that tries to raise awareness about respect for animals" - MERISTATION

"Till the dawn, waiting" is a narrative based experience unfolded from a perspective of an abandoned pet struggling between life, trust and loyalty.

* It tells a compassionate story and glimpses of the loneliness a pet faces but still remains loyal.
* Make choices through dialogues and live the story.
* Story revolves around the pet named Barney, that unknowingly suffers harassment as he is left outside in the middle of nowhere by his owner.
* Alternate endings based on the decisions you make.
* Beautiful landscapes and changing environment due to storms and rains.
* Minimalistic with refreshing low poly artwork.
* Soothing musical experience.

Till the dawn, waiting

3 / 5

Till the dawn, waiting Logo
Author: underDOGS Gaming Private Limited
Size: 200 MB available space

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