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Rat Racer

Rat Racer is a game about a rat who has to get through a maze so he can eat some cheese. The player has to guide the rat through the maze by using the arrow keys. The rat will be chased by a dog that can’t get through the maze, but the rat will have to avoid the cat that can get through the maze. The rat will also have to avoid the cheese, which will slow him down.


The rat is in a maze and has to get to the cheese before the dog catches up to him. The cheese slows him down, but if he eats it he is not chased by the dog. The rat is chased by the cat, but if he gets too close to the cat he will be eaten. The player has to use the arrows on the keyboard to help the rat get to the cheese. The player starts the game as a rat in a cage. To start the race, the player must press the gas pedal so they can spring from the cage. Once they have sprung from the cage, the player must use the trackball to control the rat's speed and direction so they can race ahead of the other rats. The rat's speed is controlled by the trackball- the more the trackball is pressed, the faster the rat will go. The rat's direction is controlled by the trackball as well- the farther the trackball is tilted, the more the rat will move to that side.


The graphics in Rat Racer are simple, but colorful. They are not amazing, but they are not bad either. The graphics of Rat Racer are relatively simple and straightforward. The screen is black and white, and the rats are represented by small, simple icons.

Information about replayability

Rat Racer is a game that can be played over and over again. The game is not that difficult, and the maze never changes. Rat Racer is a very short game. It can be completed in less than five minutes. It is not a very addictive game, and is not worth the time to play.


  • The game is very easy
  • It is very colorful
  • It is very challenging
  • It is easy to play
  • It can be played over and over again
  • The graphics are simple, but colorful
  • It is not too expensive


  • The graphics are not amazing
  • It is not a long game
  • It can be a little frustrating
  • It can be a little boring
  • It is a little difficult to control the rat


Rat Racer is a one player, single screen racing game. The player controls a rat, and races against a group of other rats. There are three tracks to compete on- a city, a farm, and a desert. The player controls the rat's speed and direction by using a trackball. The player can also use a gas pedal and a brake button to help the rat race.

Rat Racer

3 / 5

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Author: jacku
Size: 1 GB available space

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