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4.2 / 5


Boogygames Studios


120 MB available space

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QUIZ PRO! - General Knowledge

QUIZ PRO! - General Knowledge is a trivia game for mobile devices which helps you to test your knowledge about different subjects. QUIZ PRO! - General Knowledge is a mobile quiz game that tests your knowledge on a variety of topics. The game not only tests your knowledge on general knowledge topics, but also on your knowledge of TV, cinema, and music. The game is available on both Android and iOS devices, and it functions as a quiz game, with a variety of quizzes and different degrees of difficulty.


In QUIZ PRO! - General Knowledge, the player is given a question from a given category. There are six categories in the game: history, literature, geography, natural sciences, mathematics, and arts. In each category, the player is given 10 questions. In order to answer the questions correctly, the player has to find the appropriate answer by spinning a wheel which is divided into the six categories. If the player selects an incorrect answer, they can either choose to skip the question or press the X button on the screen.

Quiz games are a genre of games that have a large number of different variants, and QUIZ PRO! - General Knowledge is a good example of this. The player competes against a computer opponent in a quiz. The player is shown a question and four possible answers, and the player must decide which answer is correct. The computer then tells the player whether the answer was correct or not. The player then must wait for a new question to be presented before they can answer it.


The graphics in this game are not outstanding compared to many other games. You can see that the designers of the game prioritized the gameplay over the graphics, which is an understandable decision. The visuals in the game are not the most detailed you will see, but they are functional and do not detract from the gameplay.

Information about replayability

QUIZ PRO! - General Knowledge is a game which has the potential to be played many times without becoming boring.


  • You can play it anywhere, anytime
  • It is free
  • It has a variety of questions


  • There are no social features
  • The game does not have any story or plot
  • You can't change the category


Overall, QUIZ PRO! - General Knowledge is a fun and interesting quiz game where you can test your knowledge in different categories. The app is great for anyone who is curious about the world and wants to expand their knowledge.

QUIZ PRO! - General Knowledge

4.2 / 5

QUIZ PRO! - General Knowledge Logo
Author: Boogygames Studios
Size: 120 MB available space

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