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Glory Horse Racing

Glory Horse Racing is a horse racing game that was created by a company called Teotl Studios. The game is a simulation of a horse race where players control a horse in a race. The goal of the game is to win the race. In Glory Horse Racing, players can race to win money. As the player races, the horse will gradually become fatigued, which will slow it down. The player can take a break from racing by going to a stable. The player will be able to choose a horse to race to the finish line. There are three types of horses, each with different strengths and weaknesses.


Players can customize their horses by picking a name, a color, and a jockey. In order to play the game, players must purchase a horse by spending in-game currency known as Glory. Players can also purchase in-game currency by purchasing it with actual currency. The in-game currency can be used to buy new horses, jockeys, and horse equipment.

In order to start a race, players must choose a horse and a jockey. Players must then press a button to start a race. After a short countdown, a race will start. Players will be able to control the horse by using the arrow keys. Horses will have either a green, yellow, or red health bar. The green bar means the horse is healthy, the yellow bar means the horse is in bad condition, and the red bar means the horse has been injured.

In the middle of the race, players will have the opportunity to press a button to use a special power. The special power will have a different effect depending on the horse the player is using.

Glory Horse Racing has four different modes to play. They are Single Race, Championship, Multiplayer, and Training. Single Race is the only mode that players can race on tracks in the US. Championship mode has four different cups that players can compete in. Multiplayer mode has four different modes that players can play. Training mode is player-controlled.

In order to race, the player must click on the horse, then the race track. In the race, the player must control the horse, and try to lead it to victory. Players can inflict damage on other horses, and they can also be injured by other horses. There are two types of horses, with three sub-types each.


The graphics of the game are simple. The horses are all different colors and shapes. The animals are not particularly detailed, but the game has a pleasant aesthetic.


The game is not replayable because there are no other modes to play other than the horse racing mode.


  • The game is very competitive
  • The races are fun
  • The game is re-playable


  • The graphics are not as good as they could be


Glory Horse Racing is a game for the Nintendo DS. Glory Horse Racing is a horse racing game where players can race on tracks in the US. The game is the sequel to the game called Horse Racing.

Glory Horse Racing

3 / 5

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