How to Play Hearthstone

Samanta Blumberg


How to Play Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a turn-based collectible card game. It is a free-to-play game available to play on PC, OS X, and iPad. The player will have to build a deck of cards from the collection of cards available. The player will have to use those decks to play against the computer or other players.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Play Hearthstone

1. Pick a class

Hearthstone has 8 characters of different classes, each one with its unique ability and a set of cards available only to them. Your choice of character may have a drastic effect on which tactics and strategies of the game are going to work well for you and which aren't. For example, hunter specializes on traps, and of all characters, he has the largest number of trap cards available for him. This allows you to devise a lot of strategies based on traps if you play as a hunter.

2. Set up your card deck

The deck consists of 30 cards and is made by you. Cards can be obtained in various ways, such as buying packs of cards, completing daily quests or winning them from opponents. Each character has a unique card back, which allows to easily tell apart your cards from opponents'. The deck may include spells, minions and weapons.

3. Choose your card deck

You may create multiple card decks for every class, with each deck being focused on a particular strategy and choose which one of them you will be using in the game. Keep in mind that you cannot change the card deck during a match.

4. Choose the game mode

There are two game modes: Ranked and Casual. In Casual mode, both players use the same rules and restrictions, and their card decks and heroes are equalized. In Ranked mode, players may use all the cards from their card decks. There's also Arena mode, where cards are given randomly, and you have to build a deck from those cards.

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5. Play the game

At the beginning of the game you have 30 health points which are displayed in the corner of your character window. You also have mana that you use to summon minions or cast spells and with each round, your max amount of mana rises until it is 10. This is called the late game. Use your minions, spells and abilities to bring the opponent's HP to zero, this is how you win the match.

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master 

In conclusion, Hearthstone is quite easy to learn, but the skill ceiling is really high and there's always space to grow. Hearthstone requires strategic thinking, I'd say it can be called the modern age chess. While there are card games with even wider possibilities, Hearthstone is relatively easy to learn and this is why it's so popular.