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4.2 / 5


Elysian Games


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All That Remains Review

All That Remains is an app developed by Elysian Games. All That Remains was first published on . The app is currently available for Steam.

All That Remains is a 90s inspired eerily atmospheric adventure narrative that lets you experience one man’s life as he comes to terms with his final moments on an abandoned Earth. When is it too late to make the right choices?

When our planet has been damaged beyond repair and society has moved on those that stay behind must come to terms with their decisions while suffering a poisonous smog and the aggressive privatization of a world left behind in this post-apocalyptic alternate history.

  • An engaging interactive narrative/walking simulator.
  • A deep and original narrative told through the world and your memories.
  • Stealth and exploration elements seamlessly blended into experiential game play.
  • Original score featuring 6 unique tracks.
  • Short and sweet (40-60 minute play time).

All That Remains

4.2 / 5

All That Remains Logo
Author: Elysian Games
Size: 500 MB available space

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